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A Touch of Dawn Excerpt 2 - by Erica Sutherhome

posted October 23, 2013 by Adam Scull

She was quiet for a moment.  It was a lot to take in.  She just couldn’t dwell on it all right now.  She wet her dry lips with her tongue.  “I don’t remember my family.  My life.  I only remember fragments from the past.  But, nothing informative.”
            “I know.  It will come back to you.”
            She nodded, then bit her lip, aware that ever since she’d been rescued, the tears were closer to the surface than ever before.  “Is it always like this?  The way it was today?”
            “It never gets any easier.”
            The strange tone in his voice caused her to glance at him.  She couldn’t dismiss the brief flash of pain in his eyes.  “I’m sorry.”
            He frowned.  “What do you have to be sorry for?”
            She shrugged.  “It must be hard on you, too, is all.”
            He didn’t respond to that.
            She sighed.  “Is this what you specialize in?”
            He gave a brief nod.  “Yes.”
            They were quiet for several more minutes.  Caitlyn was exhausted.  She leaned her head back against the seat and closed her eyes.  God, what she wouldn’t give for oblivion.  Her life back.  Her memories.  Why couldn’t she remember who she really was?
            “Your eyes still hurt?”
            She looked at Jack, saw the naked concern in his eyes.  “No.  Not in the dark.”
            He nodded and grew quiet again. 
            It was for the best.  Caitlyn feared she would be terrible company besides. 
            “We’re here.”
            Her eyes snapped wide and she glanced out the window to see a small one story house.  The details were fuzzy at night, but it looked cozy.  But really, what did it matter where she was as long as she was out of that cellar?
            “Are you ready?” he asked gently.
            “I think so.”
            She followed Jack out of the car, felt better when he put his arm around her as they walked up to the house.  The lights were on inside.  They stood on the porch for a few moments.  She glanced at Jack.  “What will she want from me?”
            He shook his head.  “You’re her daughter.  I think she just wants you safe.”
            Caitlyn wanted that to be enough, but suspected her mother would want her to remember her life.  And she couldn’t do that right away.  She feared she never could. 
            All of a sudden, the door opened.  She saw a brief swatch of dark blonde hair before the woman flew at her.  She wasn’t prepared for the embrace or the tears from her mother.