"I Love You"

Just a few words, a little poem for the man I love...

"I Love You"

Sometimes when we are alone, you show me how you feel.  Not with words, but with your body.  Touch is required then.  

But, you always show me, even in a crowd.  You hold my hand or wrap an arm around my waist.  

I need to be that close too.  The demands of life create a distance.  

When the world has quieted down, when our minds have rested, you kiss me slowly.  There is that special kiss, the one we labeled “ours”.  

I remember the first night you kissed me, the both of us so uncertain of what the other was thinking.  I dared you, and you took the chance.  You held me close right outside my door, placed your mouth on mine.  Sometimes I think history was made then.  My life changed.  Certainly my idea of a kiss did.  No one had ever taken the time to kiss me like that, like the world had stopped and it was just us.  I think I started to fall for you then.

How can you describe what falling in love feels like?  It’s almost like you blink and you can’t remember not feeling that way.  It’s silly because everyone knew except me.  How I felt.  I was so afraid of being hurt again.  Good thing we were on the same page.  You told me first how you felt.  But, I’d heard “I love you” before, from men who never meant it, who didn’t have a clue what the true meaning of love was.  It took awhile for me to realize you did mean it, that I could trust you.

 Oh, foolish heart.  How could you not fall for such a man?

You are my hero in every way.  Even when we bicker about silly things, you always bring me back.

So, what should “I love you” mean?

It should mean a man is there for you, to hear your worries, to care.

It should mean that there is a shoulder to lean your head on as you lay quietly.

It should mean a touch that can rouse you to passion in an instant, but not push when you’re not in the mood.

It should mean whispered words in the night and shared secrets.

It should mean the most soothing hand you’ve ever felt and a voice that can make you laugh.

It means that real love never takes, but gives.

I hope I am all of these things for you too.  You are my life.  I love you.