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Terror in the Night - Excerpt

October 3, 2013 

She could see his face.  He was smiling an almost devilish grin and she looked away.  Even though she was hidden deep within the dark embrace of the forest, she could feel his eyes upon her.  She dared not look up, for fear that he would take her soul in an instant.  It was the only thing he desired of her.  

A rumble came in the distance.  She looked up and knew it was a mistake.  Laughter rose in his enormous chest and his black eyes locked with her pale blues.  

She cried suddenly, “No!” and ran into her safe haven.  But, the forest was no longer her protector.  It seemed so foreign and distant to her.  Every turn she made, she did not recognize the pathway.  Finally, she came to a clearing and stepped into the darkness.  She turned and he reached for her as...

            Claire Retin sat up in bed, covering her face with her hands.  Her shoulders heaved with a sob.  She wiped the tears away and the sweat from her forehead.  She fell back on the pillow and closed her eyes.  

She knew the man who haunted her dreams.  She knew him too well.