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A Misplaced Life - Excerpt by Kathryn Layne

October 2, 2013

Then across from where I stood, I saw Trent standing in the pool.  Something wasn’t right though.  He was in the front side of the pool by the house and the darkness partially obscured him.  There was, however, an object in the pool with him. 
With my heels clicking against the cement, I approached him.  But, he didn’t move.  It was as if he was so focused on whatever he was doing that he hadn’t heard me.  I watched the expressions cross his face.  There was a mixture of rage and pleasure upon his features.  In front of him in the pool was a body.  The lifeless body of a woman.  Gasping, I stumbled back in fear.  He had killed someone.  Oh, God.  What if he saw me? 
As I turned to creep away, a silver glint caught my eye.  The bracelet on the woman’s wrist.  It was a diamond tennis bracelet, identical to the one I’d received on my sixteenth birthday from my parents.  The only definitive characteristic that set it apart from others was the XO pattern throughout it, a playful expression of parents’ love at a time when I was a teenager, still just a girl becoming a woman. 
Gradually, things became more recognizable.  The blonde hair that turned a strange greenish hue under the water, the fair skin and the black heels with the crystal buckles.  The breath lodged in my throat at the discovery.
The woman in the water was me.  Her eyes were dull, open and staring up at nothing.  The black dress was bunched up around her waist from the struggle.  Her legs were stiff but around his waist from force.
I was dead.  Trent had killed me.  I could almost see the headlines.  ‘Alexa Hamilton, dead at 23 of a brutal rape and murder’.  I had been murdered.  I couldn’t breathe.  In an instant, I was transported back to that last living moment.  I was consumed by horrible pain and a strange floating feeling.  People were wrong.  Death wasn’t painless.  It wasn’t peaceful.