Another Five Star Review!

French romance, July 18, 2013


Sandra Lynne Padgett

This review is from: Upon Your Return (Kindle Edition)

This is a love story set in the 1860's in France. Fara is left an orphan and put into the care of her uncle. He is all business with no real feelings for Fara. One of the duties of the uncle is to find a suitor for Fara. One such suitor sets up Fara into a bad situation. Captain Grant Hill saves Fara, and they become acquainted. Love grows between them, but he is involved in political intrigues and ends up separated from Fara for a period of time. The characters are very well developed, the history is well researched and the story line flows along very smoothly. There is a lot of suspense because of the intrigues and whether they love each other enough to commit to each other or is he just using her as men will often do. This is a very exciting, passionate and suspenseful story. It will grab you and not let you go. I received this free through Goodreads Making Connections group. Recommend, especially for people who like historical fiction. Well done!

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