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New to Historical Romance thanks to this story!!!, August 18, 2013


Johnnie-Marie Howard

This review is from: Upon Your Return (Kindle Edition)

I can honestly say that this was my 1st time reading a historical romance and I loved it...I couldn't put the book down it was good...I really liked how the main character tried hard to be a socialite at the same time being herself and falling in love.. I so felt bad for all the bad things that happened to her, child birth by herself unmarried, love of her life going away, almost being killed, raped... it was a really really great love story.

I'm actually really surprised that I liked it normally I would have stayed away from historical romance novels but this one just opened my mind up to a hole new view on that matter I guess you just need that extra push and a really great novel like this on to do that.

Let me see, Fara was this independent strong lady that tried to fit in no matter what and fell in love with the wrong type but in her eyes he was Mr. right. Grant was this hot Captain, who had a mysterious side to him and who also couldn't stay away from Fara. Fara's uncle was this big time jerk who wanted it his way or no way I really didn't care for him at all. Tante Lina was this great women who cared deeply about her niece and was a huge socialite that didn't care she was Fara's wisdom. Eric was the captain's right hand man who came in handy at the right times regardless what anyone says. It was a really great read I don't' know how much more I could say that it is very true.

It was great I could see myself reading this over and over again!!