Hi, readers!  I thought I'd do something fun for you today.  If any of you have read UPON YOUR RETURN, you may enjoy this little taste.  Below, I have included some of the deleted scenes from the original manuscript.  There were much more than this, but I have posted a few that my editor cut.  Of course, I was cringing the whole time!  LOL.

None of them are in any certain order, but if you are familiar with the book, you might understand where they came from.  And who knows?  Maybe someday down the road, I'll re-release the original manuscript in its entirety.  Well, happy reading!

 Text cut from Upon Your Return

·         Grant swallowed hard. The implication was what he had expected from such a man, but why must it sound so lewd? And why must a captain of a ship be likened to that of pond scum? Was it no longer an honorable profession? And wasn't he still respected in social circles? Recently he had begun to think otherwise. He had heard the rumors concerning himself and Fara. 

·         Bright, tear-struck eyes looked at him. 

·          He'd half expected her to swoon, but she looked at him as if he'd told her he would be gone for hours and not months. Perhaps she did not understand after all.

          What is happening, he thought. This seemed such a change in character that he assumed something had to be wrong.
Then a thought occurred to him. Was he perhaps playing into her hands? He didn't think she had the notion of being so cold, but her recent actions had caused him much doubt. 

·         The gardens in the courtyard behind the house, however much a reminder of Grant's absence, were a solace in some way. Sometimes she would sit by one of the numerous statues or fountains, and then close her eyes to think. The memories were not as cruel as they once were; often they became a comfort or a refuge from the tediousness of her normal life. Frequently she wished she could be back on La Voyageur with Grant. There, though a peaceful calm enveloped her, was always something different happening. She remembered how frightful yet exhilarated she had been when she had set about to seeking vengeance for what Nicholas Bordeaux had done to Grant all those years ago.

·     She fought her increasing fervor at his request. It was a real plea; he was not ordering her. She felt it in the timbre of his voice.
This was a study in the gray eyes of the man she loved, a study in need, not   desire. As well, in those fathomless depths she saw fear. Of what, she wondered. He was worrying her now. He had been affectionate with his kisses and she had thought he meant to make love to her right out in the open. She would have objected, of course, but she could see that something else was bothering him.

·         But, did he deserve her? He claimed he'd missed her, that thoughts of her had kept him alive. What about love, for God's sake? Was she now to finally abandon the concept, the hope, and settle? Grant knew it mattered, but he'd not mentioned how he felt for her. Fara felt addled by it all. What if it wasn't love, but just desire? It would have been all for nothing if that was true. In uncertain terms, she would have to tell him having that knowledge before they were wed mattered much more than the vows themselves. Yet, she would not tell him now. Tomorrow is another day, she thought. She sighed as well. But, why had he left? Beneath all of the concern for the authorities finding him as well as his mission, what was the motive?

·     He had dealt with a lot, much more than she'd ever given him credit for. But, it wouldn't do to pity him; he wouldn't appreciate it. He was a proud man, able to fight for his honor. It wouldn't do to wound him.