Great New Review for ALM!

I just stumbled across this wonderful book review for A Little Magick on Goodreads! Thanks for your kind words, Cynthia! :)

Cynthia Varady's review
Sep 17, 15

A Little Magick captures what it's like to be a kid out of her element perfectly. Rosie is a sweet little girl who is to spend the summer with her uncle as her father adjusts to his new job and her mom is out of town. While she's at her uncle's, Rosie begins to come into her powers, something Rosie's mother warned her uncle might happen. Of course, being a rational thinking lawyer, Rosie's uncle dismisses this heads up as the mildly deranged ravings of a hippy-dippy Wiccan.

Overall, this is a very sweet kids book about being different, although most kids aren't as different as Rosie, and accepting those differences as something that makes you, you. I felt a little bogged down by the mundane details at times, (what they were eating mostly) and was a little sad there wasn't more magic. However, the end of the book made up for the slow bits.

In addition to being a book about acceptance and personal responsibility, A Little Magick gives a beautiful peak into what it means to be Wiccan, an often misunderstood and dismissed religion. Though the years, I have known a few who have practiced Wicca and the creation of Rosie's altar and the taste of their core beliefs is handled with respect and deference.