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Secrets by Erica Sutherhome

From Christina: Today, Erica shares a few thoughts about writing Leather and Lace and talks about the secrets her characters are keeping.


By Erica Sutherhome

Secrets.  We all have them.  There are little things we keep from everyone.  Our innermost thoughts, desires.  Angie Lewis has a lot and in keeping them, she has made a lot of trouble for herself.

Patrick, the hero, being the cop he is, picks up on the fact that she’s keeping something from him.  He doesn’t know what it is, but he will do anything to find out including bribe her boss to spend more time with her.  Once Patrick secures his moments with Angie, he just has to dig until he finds out the truth.  Being an honorable man, he decides to earn her trust.  But, Angie doesn’t make it easy.

I had a lot of fun writing this book.  I got to take on another persona, delve into Angie’s character, into the life of an exotic dancer.  Of course, she’s not all surface.  Sure, she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve – she sure knows how to use her sexuality – but, Angie hides a lot of herself in her work.  It is up to Patrick to try to coax that out of her.

He sees her and immediately becomes obsessed with her.  It becomes more than just about the job for both of them.  The journey is full of obstacles.  Angie has enemies no one knows about.

That’s where all of the secrets come in.  I think in some ways, readers might feel this is a ploy to spice up a book.  It is true that I keep some things even from the reader at first.  But, it’s not a ploy.  As I started to write the book, all of these facets of Angie’s character came out – her background, her dreams, the danger she was in.  She came alive on the page, more than the sexy exterior she exhibits.  And Patrick, being the smart man he is, starts to pick up on these little nuances.  He knows right away there’s a lot she’s keeping from him.

The book became a game of cat and mouse by accident.  And it is this tension between the two characters that drives it forward.  I hope you love Patrick and Angie as much as loved writing about them.

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