Spotlight: Vicki-Ann Bush Visits to Talk About YA Historical Romance, THE GARDEN OF TWO!

Today, we're doing something a little different. Fellow author Vicki-Ann Bush is stopping by to talk about her book! 

Hello, Vicki-Ann! It's great that you're visiting MLB. Welcome! :) 

Hi, Marie! Thanks for having me. 





My pleasure, of course! So, let me ask a few questions since you're here...


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Can you tell us a little about your latest book? When did it come out and where can we get it?

The Garden of Two is a historical romance that is set around World War I. It centers around a young couple who live in Long Island, New York. Lillie is from a wealthy family and Charlie is less fortunate when it comes to financial means. But both have grown up in loving homes. Their romance blossoms in the very unique garden where Lillie's dad had planted everything in sets of two as an homage to his late wife. Their love and strength is tested when Charlie abruptly enlists to defend his country overseas after a series of tragic events. 
The Garden of Two has actually been available for a couple of years. It is my first novel, but not the first story I submitted for publication. Because it is loosely based off of the feelings I had as a young girl, it is very dear to me and I hesitated before sending it in to a publisher. It is currently available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Sounds great! 


So, what inspired you to write your book? How did you get into writing YA fiction?


Years ago I was sitting in my backyard and my husband was planting two vine plants on the back wall—Firethorns. He had placed one at each end of the wall with the goal that over time, they would fill it in and come together. From there, the garden was formed for the story and the romance, as I said earlier, was mine.
I actually started writing children’s books and my publisher at the time noticed the growing trend of YA fiction. They asked me to give it a try and afterward, I was hooked. I started with a novella series, The Dusk Chronicles, which eventually was combined into one novel.

Wow! Isn't it wonderful how the muse works? ;)


So, tell us...what, do you feel, sets your book apart from other books in the genre?


I am told by those who have read the story, that it takes you to a time that is often no longer seen. Where love can be innocent and yet passionate. The garden is not only a sanctuary, but the very core that grows and binds the relationship to create an unbreakable bond. Something so simple evolves into the most intricate and entwining emotional journey.



Give us a teaser or two of the book if you can.


Charlie Murphy was running faster than he thought possible. Everywhere he looked there were bodies, and the yelling—they were the wails of the damned. Some men surrounded him, shooting, while others were also trying to avoid the incoming bullets. But most frightening of all were the soldiers who wandered in a blank haze, unaware of the flying bullets or any form of attack. He’d barely finished high school a few months ago—how could life change so much in such a short time? His days of comfort in Long Island, New York had come to an end. He could only hope it wasn’t permanent.
Charlie could not stop to help; he searched for life-saving cover and waited to advance on the enemy. He spotted a disabled truck a few yards away. He dodged and dropped, trying to keep low. When he got there he was frightened; his adrenaline was in overdrive and he was short of breath. He lay on the ground, furiously searching through the haze of apocalyptic chaos.
What he didn’t notice were the three German soldiers still trapped under the truck, or their buddies, who were running his way to see if they could release them. A patch of land to his left seemed clear. Cautiously he got up and looked around before firing. As he pivoted, he heard a hailstorm of fire and something incredibly hot hit his chest.
He looked down. A pool of red seeped through the hole in his shirt. He had been shot. He grabbed his chest and tried to keep running, but the mud was slippery. Pain seared through his body and consumed him, a branding iron pressed against the gaping hole in his flesh. He fumbled through the pocket in his coat for the compass. His hand clasped it, squeezing it tight and close to his body.
Collapsing, he sank into the mud. His eyes, clear of the muck, looked skyward, where he thought he saw Lillie’s face. The very last thing Charlie could remember was the hazy vision of the woman he loved and the compass that would get him home. Then his world went completely black.



Let's try another question, okay?

I'm sure readers are curious about your next writing project. Can you tell us what you've got cooking up now or is that a secret?


Because of events that are touching my life in a very personal way, my current project brings me back to the genre I write the most. It's a YA paranormal with a romance sprinkled in. But the difference in this book, which will eventually be a series, is that the lead teenager and main character, is transgender. I wanted to create a story line where transgender was there, but not the focus. Create a more "Oh, by the way" sense of feeling to the story. It will not be directly addressed in the emotional sense, rather just mentioned from time to time in the mechanics of the daily life adjustments that are being made. The focus is the ghosts they encounter and the cases that he (the lead character) and his friends come across. 




Well, we certainly look forward to your next book! 


Thanks so much for stopping by to tell us about The Garden of Two, Vicki-Ann! 

Of course! Thanks for having me here.

You're welcome! It's been an honor!


Readers, you'll just have to pick up a copy of this fascinating YA historical romance! ;)


Here is the blurb. 


Charlie Murphy and Lillie Whitman are surrounded by the innocence of young love, and the guileless early twentieth century. They fall deeper into each other, intertwining their very different worlds to create a bond that no one can break.

Or so they thought.

When the dawn of World War I comes to their Long Island town, and personal tragedies begin to spiral the lovers into an abyss of darkness, they must fight to hold on to their love. Knowing their bond will be the only ties that will get them through. From the horrors of Germany's front lines to the emotional battlefields fought at home, Charlie and Lillie must find a way to stay strong, and navigate a path, back into each other’s arms. And how a garden, a very special garden, can withstand the coldest of winters and give the ultimate symbol of hope.


Ms. Bush other works include, The Dusk Chronicles trilogy, featuring these five star reviews— "SUPER cool story that had me hooked!" "A Clever Time-Travel Adventure"


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This sounds like a great read! 


About the Author:


 I am originally from Long Island, New York, but now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. Living in the desert has given me inspiration for several of my books.

For many years I wrote various short stories and poems, but never tried my hand at the publishing process. In 2008, on the suggestion of my two daughters, I began submitting. The first positive response was from Salt of the Earth Publishing for a short children's story. Winslow Willow the Woodland Fairy was beginning of my adventure. Since then I've written another story for children, The Queen of It, before settling into Young Adult fiction. My first release was the novelette/novella series, The Dusk Chronicles. It is a supernatural romance set in Las Vegas.
Currently from Solstice Publishing, I have the historical romance novel, The Garden of Two. It is about the perils of World War I through the eyes of a young Long Island couple. And the paranormal romance novella, The Fulfillment, which is centered in Boulder City, Nevada and the first of the series. My latest novel, Room 629, is a sci-fi and my third partnership with Solstice. It takes place in Primm, Nevada and follows a group of friends as they uncover a life altering truth.
And coming soon … Procurement, the second book in The Fulfillment series.


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