HAUNTED just got a video book review! 5 Stars! Awesome!

I stumbled across this awesome book review of HAUNTED, penned under my alternate pen name Erica Sutherhome.  And it was done via video to boot.  How cool!  Here is the link to the full review on the reviewer's website.  Kelli also posted the 5 Star Review on Amazon and Goodreads.  :)

August 3, 2014

Haunted by Erica Sutherhome

I really enjoyed this short novel. Erica Sutherhome knows how to weave suspense and thrills into a story with a little romance thrown in. Main character, Carmencita, is kidnapped near the beginning with great description of the kidnappers, as well as our heroine’s strengths and weaknesses during the ordeal. I was flipping through the pages during her escape attempt, leading to her new life. Her brother gives her a locket before he died. This locket is the reason for her kidnapping. As an author myself, I am inspired by this story. I know how it is to live in fear, whether it’s out of paranoia or stalking. Sutherhome writes with fantastic flow. I really wanted the book to go on so I could learn more about Carmen’s life, but I am and always will be a fan of short novels. I cannot wait to read another book from Erica Sutherhome. This was truly a gem to read!



  1. Congrats, Ms. Erica Marie! Your novellas are always a hit. Have you considered putting them in a boxed set for your readers--say, three novellas in one book? That way, more people could read all your wonderful stories!


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