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5.0 out of 5 stars How can they be so clueless????, May 3, 2014
This review is from: Upon Your Honor (Kindle Edition)
The year is 1891. Gabriel has completed his studies ad is sailing on board his father’s ship, La Voyageur. Several days after leaving New York, he discovers a stowaway hiding in one of the store rooms. Chloe’s father has died. She is fleeing the prospect of an unhappy arranged marriage, and has boarded the ship, hoping to eventually reach her grandmother in New Orleans. Gabriel’s father agrees to provide passage at and Gabriel signs on to be her protector. The two fall in love.

Well, the reader, at least, knows that the two fall in love─ long before Chloe admits it to herself or Gabriel admits it to himself, very long before either admits it to the other. This seems to be the logic of a Victorian romance─ the reader sees what is happening even though the customs of the times, the crisis of the moment, and the insecurities of the people involved blind the characters to their feelings. It makes the story entertaining, and I found myself wanting to shake them both to wake them up!

I fell in love with Chloe, of course. She was beautiful, brave, assertive, willing to accept almost any challenge that life presented to her in order to be happy. I found Gabriel to be puzzling. He, too, was brave and strong-willed, and he so obviously cared for Chloe, but social convention seemed to prevent him from making his feelings known.

The story is entertaining. The ship sails from New York by way of Baltimore, Charleston, and Nassau. We witness Chloe’s and Gabriel’s adventures both on and off of the ship. We see their arrival in New Orleans and their confession of love for each other.
Upon Your Honor continues the story that began in an earlier book, Upon Your Return, but it is not at all necessary for one to have read the first book in order to enjoy this one. Upon Your Honor picks up the story that began when Fara Bellamont and Grant Hill fell in love, and it pushes ahead almost twenty years to tell the story of their son, Gabriel. This is the kind of sequel that I really like.

Upon Your Return was a very enjoyable book. I found Upon Your Honor to be even better. If you read Victorian romances, you will love this book.

David Burnett for The Kindle Book Review
I received a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.