New 5 Star Review for UPON YOUR RETURN!

5.0 out of 5 stars Growing up with Fara, April 21, 2014
This review is from: Upon Your Return (Kindle Edition)
I reviewed another book by this author and was so impressed with her writing style that I wanted to read some of her other work. This book struck me as fascinating with all the requirements of a good read. The author has written a compelling, yet beautiful love story, keeping in tune with the nineteenth century and the situation of the women's rights or rather the absolute lack of any woman having any rights. The constraints that society put on all women during that period was maintained through out the story with colorful historical details showing that she certainly did a great job on her research and informed the reader with all the details, staying true with the authentic settings without boring them to death. The best thing I liked about the story was the vivid characters, so well developed and brought to life with the powerful descriptions. Of course the story line was full of interesting people, mysterious plots with surprising twists, romance, delicious seduction, but yet fascinating with the play on all of the emotions. At times I was crying, then laughing, upset with a fierce anger, totally surprised, shocked, full of happiness or in complete despair and then cheering for the good guys or girl but so completely drawn into the story that I read the whole thing at one setting. I just could not stop reading even though I really tried to so that I could get some just kept playing in my head and I finally gave up and was so glad I did! Our heroine, Fara Bellamont, starts out as a young child that is orphaned due to pirates attacking her parents ship. She is send to live with her very cold, hard, unloving uncle which immediately sends her off to boarding school at the Cluny Abby. After she returns he coldly arranges her marriage to a man she has never even met, her new fiance proceeds to set her up for what ever his reason, to get rid of her and she is attacked by ruffians. Here enters our hero, handsome, single, ship captain, La Capitaine Grant Hill which saves her from the attack. By the way he also has a few problems going for him, including a colorful past. Now at this time Fara is still very young and our author proceeds to show us the beautiful growth that she goes through, some being, bereavement from the death of her uncle, betrayal, awakening of her body, love, ostracization from society, new found love, danger to her and her family and finally, well I'm not going to give up the ending and there definitely are a few more growths that Fara goes through but I'll leave that for you to discover. Definitely a great read and for me a new found author to add to my favorites list.