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Dec 14, 13

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** I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
*No Spoilers*

First of all I LOVE the cover!!! I was very interested in reading this book. It has many of the qualities that I love in books. It has romance, chivalry, a strong leading lady and of course a handsome gentleman! I really liked this book! I would recommend it to my reader friends that love romance filled books :)

Five things that I loved about Fara:
1. I love her name!!
2. I loved that she did not let society change her passionate spirit.
3. I loved that she wanted to marry for love and not position.
4. I loved that she wanted to fight her own battles.
5. I loved that she knew when to speak her mind!

Five things that I loved about Grant:
1. I love his gray eyes :)
2. I loved that he was a gentleman.
3. I loved that he knew that all men were equal.
4. I loved his true friendship with Eric.
5. I loved that he was not scared to be the hero.