New Review!

Awesome!  I just had an exciting review post on Amazon by a professional reviewer.  This made my day, folks!  The link is here if you want to view on Amazon, but I will post it here too.

4.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring author, June 9, 2013
  This review is from: Upon Your Return (Kindle Edition)
I read Upon Your Return by Marie Lavender per her request. In my time I have read many books by authors like Sabrina Jeffries, Johanna Lindsey, etc and found Ms Lavenders' book inspiring. She did a lot of work in this fabulous romance. At first I was a little bit anxious to read another story about a woman is forced to marry someone she doesn't love. But once I started reading, it kept me in suspense. When Fara is attacked by ruffians, she is rescued by a sea captain by the name of Grant Hill. He acts the gentleman with Fara and wants to be helpful. Of course Fara is grateful with his actions. When Fara is returned safely to her home, her Uncle is displeased and upset with her behavior. It's his way to be in charge of his niece and tells her so. Even though Grant played the hero to Fara, her Uncle says this man is beneath her station. Can two people from different backgrounds find happiness and love? Please try this exciting new author.

So, to sum up things, I don't even have to say how pleased I am!  I'm sure you can imagine.  I hope all of you have read Upon Your Return, or are planning to read it at some point.  :)  Reviews are very much appreciated!  Make an author's day, and review your favorite author's book.  We love our fans! 



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