Spotlight: CJ Warrant Visits to Talk About Dark Paranormal Thriller, FORGETTING JANE!

Today, fellow author CJ Warrant is stopping by to talk about her latest book!

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Hello! Thanks for having me.

My pleasure! Let me ask a few questions since you're here... 

All right.

Can you tell us a little about your book? When did it come out and where can we get it?

Forgetting Jane is a dark paranormal thriller. It’s about a woman found near a small town in Wisconsin, half buried and beaten with no memory of what happened. The chief of police finds clues to a series of cold cases that is linked to her, in which he discovers there might be more than one killer. The book came out June 29th, 2016.
Wow! It sounds thrilling! Such a mysterious cover...

So, what inspired you to write this book? 

The spark of inspiration from this book came from where I used to live in Wisconsin for a year. The house I lived in had a ghost in it. Then throw in my imagination, and Forgetting Jane was born.
Nice! How did you get into writing dark paranormal tales?

I love the grittiness of the genre. My voice lay more on the dark side and I've always been fascinated with the paranormal.
Me too!

So, tell us...what, do you feel, sets your book apart from other books in the genre?

Forgetting Jane has an equal mix of romance, mystery and the touch of paranormal, giving the story an intriguing twist.

Please give us a teaser or two of this book if you can.


October 6th
Edge of Beaver Lake, Wisconsin

I’m alive.
The first drag of cold air into her lungs burned like acid. Her fingers stung, deep under the nail beds as she clawed out from the hard ground. She tried moving her legs, but her energy waned fast. No matter how hard she wrestled out of the hole, the lower half of her body was bound in the heavy cemented earth.
The sharp wind layered her like an icy blanket. A prickled sensation skated like razorblades across her skin. She shivered in pain.
A screech of an owl in the distance made her pause. Where was she? Dark surrounded her in its murkiness. Though a glimpse of morning light barely skimmed the horizon, the warmth of the day hadn’t touched her.
 Too exhausted to move. Rest, she thought as she drifted in and out of consciousness. The rustling sounds of the hollow reeds and cattails startled her. The pain from her body finally dissipated, or was she that numb? The sharp whacking at the back of her skull thrummed to a continual dull pounding.
She tried to lift her head, but her neck craned the wrong way and her cheek stuck to the putrid dirt. Her joints turned rigid as a petrified log. Her brain screamed out orders to get up, but her muscles refused.
Her heavy eyelids were the only body part that moved. They drifted open, closed, and open again, using whatever energy she could muster to keep them up. However, her focus blurred in and out; she wasn’t able to see anything specific.
A filmy splash of yellow drew her eyes in. A girl? She stood at the distance, watching her die.    
I need your help!
The girl’s yellow sundress rippled with the wind but her long golden hair did not.
With every ounce of energy she had, she tried calling out, but her jaw seemed wired shut.
Why won’t the girl help me out of this hole?
Tears formed, she blinked away the blur, and the girl had disappeared. Where did she go?
A trigger of fear scurried down her spine like a fast moving millipede. A scream lodged in her throat for the girl to come back.
Nothing made sense anymore and sleep pulled her deeper into the dark, wanting to take over her dreams. Yes. This was a nightmare and I’m in my bed, safe and warm.
She jerked. Pain lanced through her body.
Was that a gun? Did he come back to finish her off? Terror flooded her mind. She compelled herself to move again, but her muscles had no strength—no viable power left in them. There was nothing left in her. Death was welcomed.
Clinking sounds of metal resonated in the air, which seized her breath from her lungs. Closer it came, her gut ratcheted tight. She swallowed hard, tasting the grit and copper on her swollen tongue to the back of her dry throat.
The frozen sprigs of grass next to her crackled. He stood right next to her. She waited. And waited. Her lungs burned from holding her breath. She closed her lids and wished this nightmare be over, and let Death finish. Tears slipped from the corners.
Please— A soft yap halted her plea. A coyote? Her fear intensified. Being eaten alive wasn’t how she saw her life ending. 

Wow! I'm definitely interested to find out where this story goes! ;)

Let's try another question, okay? 

I am sure readers are curious about your next writing project. Can you tell us what you've got cooking up now or is that a secret? 

I have recently published a dark romantic thriller, Mirror Image and a short contemporary romance duet called Sweet Reunion (book 1). But I’m currently working on three different projects. A paranormal trilogy called Gypsy Runes trilogy based on the myth of curses, plus a Dark Romantic Thriller series based out of Chicago, and book two of the duet called Sweet Redemption.
They all sound great! You're such a busy writer!

We look forward to seeing what happens with your next book.

Thanks for stopping by to tell us about Forgetting Jane, CJ!

Thank you SO MUCH for having me here!


Of course! 

Readers, you'll just have to pick up a copy of this riveting dark paranormal thriller!

Here is the blurb.
Amnesia and an unspeakable crime have stolen everything from Jane Doe except the haunting image of a girl in a yellow dress, which replays itself over and over in her mind.

Small town cop Elias McAvoy is haunted as well, by the crushing guilt he feels over the deaths of two women, one by his own hand. He can’t-he won’t-let Jane down too.

Together they delve deeper into Jane’s case, battling against her memory loss, and an increasingly tangled web of lies and murder that span forty years-and ties Elias and Jane together in ways they never imagined. As the mystery of the girl in the yellow dress unfold, so does Elias and Jane’s love for each other. However, when the killer reappears, intent on finishing what he started, Elias must face his demons in order to save the woman he loves or lose her forever.

What people are saying about this book:
"The plot was fast and gripping. I was totally wrong about who did it, as well as other aspects that caught me by surprise. The details were just enough to give a good feel of the setting and people without getting in the way of what needed to be a crisp narrative. The romantic thread wasn’t overpowering so this should be a good fit for fans of thrillers as well as romance."
~Drayvenn, Amazon Customer

"Forgetting Jane is a satisfying jigsaw puzzle of a read. I'm particularly impressed by Warrant’s smooth immersive writing style. It puts you smack dab inside the story. You feel as if you’re in that hole with “Jane,” and you’re squirming when Warrant takes you inside the head of the sicko villain. I’ve read lots of amnesia stories before, but I enjoyed this spin on it and the unexpected touch of the paranormal."
~Reader7844, Amazon Customer

"Imagine waking up in your own grave, sans the casket. That’s the premise of this ghost/serial killer/romance story. A lot going on isn’t it? I promise you, it all fits together nicely, and I enjoyed my time with this listen. This was a pure romantic suspense story, yes, but it’s also a ghost story."
~Lorna, Amazon Customer

"Great thriller, so worth reading. Great book, nice pace, characters are well worked out,real thrill, I figured out who the killer was, but wasn't sure till the last part of the book, really good!!!"
~Niki Mattes, Amazon Reviewer

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This book looks great! We'll be sure to check it out!

About the Author:

CJ Warrant is an Award Winning Author for dark romantic suspense and contemporary romance. 

A lover of strong coffee, baking and family, but not in that order. 
She’s a wife, a loving mother of three and worked in the beauty industry for many years until the stories in her head took over. Now she’s a full time author, CJ brings her dark gritty stories to life.




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