Spotlight: Raegyn Perry Visits to Talk About Paranormal Romance/Reincarnation Tale, LAVENDER FIELDS!

Today, we're doing something a little different. Fellow author Raegyn is stopping by to talk about her book! 

Hello, Raegyn! It's great that you're visiting MLB. Lovely to see you again! :) 




Hi, Marie! Thank you for having me here. 





My pleasure, of course! So, let me ask a few questions since you're here...


All right.


Can you tell us a little about your book? When did it come out and where can we get it?

My book is called Lavender Fields. It is the first in a trilogy called The Eternal Journey Series. It is a romance centered around reincarnation. Connor and Greye meet and though neither is seeking love, it finds them anyway. Of course, they have to deal with their own personal issues in regards to race and tolerance. Then there's the outside forces they must deal with in answering the question -
What if love found the right people at the wrong time?

I had the privilege of having the eBook release on September 20, 2015 and the print copy to follow on the 25th. The 20th was my mother's birthday, which seemed perfect in that the inspiration came from a true family story.

Lavender Fields is available as both print and eBook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers. 

That's great! I love a good reincarnation story.


So, what inspired you to write your book? How did you get into writing romance?


The inspiration came from the story of my great grandmother who as a plantation owner's daughter, ran off with a mulatto (mixed) slave. They obviously got away to have my grandmother, et cetera, but my imagination conjured a story where this forbidden and dangerous love couldn't have the ending it wanted. The lovers of the present have to overcome certain obstacles (as in the previous life) and decide if they will take the second chance they didn't know they were getting.

How I got into writing. I got a tape recorder from an uncle as a kid, and loved to create my own stories into it (to of course hear my own voice back!), and I would "interview" my neighbors for bytes on my "radio show". So, even though I was a storyteller from a young age, I really fell into writing with real intent in high school, and after some of life settling in, it found me again. I started a story and loved the process of creating a world of my own, where I could give them whatever adventure I wanted them to have.

Romance writing came into play more after my father shared the story of his mother and her sister's parentage. I adored my Aunt Paul (E. Pauline Myers), and was impressed with her story of being a foot soldier in the Civil Rights movement as well as being a writer herself.




What, do you feel, sets your book apart from other books in the genre?


Lavender Fields is different in the aspect that though it follows traditional romance ideals, the internal struggle Connor & Greye go through on their own as well as after getting together is difficult. There are real, raw emotions shared and real, raw language and settings. 

The lovers of their previous life also faced some ugly truths and more horrific consequences of their love. 


All right.


So, give us a teaser or two of the book if you can.


The Dream

Screams of outrage and pain crashed against the howling wind. Breaking glass followed while a crimson ooze covered the wet ground.
A lingering scent carried on the breeze was swallowed by the night. The orange glow on the horizon turned an ominous dark and the sky rumbled with agitation.
Each time the dream came to her, it was as vivid and profound as before. Through the fog of this dream appeared a hazy universal image. The small, obscure wooden marker at the top of the hill marked a long-forgotten resting place.

Greye had dozed off on the park bench and the haunting dream had come upon her again, as it had so many times in years past. She was never able to understand the nightmare, and it unsettled her still, as an adult. Set in a faraway place and time, there was always something more just beneath the surface… hinting at an unknown that should somehow be familiar.
Greye couldn’t have known the role this recurring dream would play in her future.  

Greye looked down to begin writing again when a searing pain shot straight up her leg. She froze in shocked confusion. She grabbed her knee as her eyes blurred with tears. Then she noticed the bright green Frisbee that had smashed into her right kneecap.
The kids were now otherwise occupied, their voices softer and further in the distance. The man was approaching with the Lab in stride. Greye could sense he had stopped in front of her. She heard an anxious and strong, deep voice.
“Oh God, I’m so sorry. Are you okay? I’m so sorry.”
Clutching her throbbing knee with one hand, and wiping her eyes with the other, Greye looked up into his cobalt blues, which were still cringed looking at where his errant disk had landed. Managing to conceal an unexpected sigh, she replied, “I’m fine, I think. Just wasn’t expecting it.”

She watched as he drew a hand through his dark, short hair. It was a nervous habit, she figured. She also noticed the tousled, shiny waves that threatened to end in curls if his hair got much longer.
Connor caught an intriguing scent on the wind he thought he remembered, but couldn’t quite place. “My apologies really. I didn’t expect it to catch that much air.”
As if feeling guilty by association, the golden Lab came and rested its big head on her uninjured leg. When Connor saw the smile she gave his best friend, a warm feeling began to blossom in his chest.

Scratching the dog’s ears, she offered, “It’s okay, I’ll live. May never walk right, but I’ll live.”
The casual smirk she quickly added had Connor feeling the stricken pallor of his face blush with heat.

“Well, it has to be said, there has been considerable advancement in knee replacement these days. Though I do hope it doesn’t come to that.”
Greye let out a soft laugh escape and she countered with, “I don’t think it will. I’m tough. I’ll forego the surgery, and wear this limp with pride.” She gently massaged her red and puffy knee.

This time Connor had to laugh. He really liked this pretty woman with the quick and easy comebacks. She appeared to be of mixed race, most likely black and white, with her flawless honey colored complexion. It was those expressive green eyes he found he could get easily lost in. He strongly resisted the urge to touch her soft chin length brown hair, which he noticed, was lit with auburn highlights as it fell in loose waves around a diamond shaped face. He noticed a scar that ran just under her jaw line. Her slender body looked to be in pretty good shape as well.

With a cocky grin and a small bow, he said, “A battle wound then I most humbly take credit for." Then he added, “I couldn’t help but notice your perfume. It’s really … nice.”
“Thank you. It’s just hand lotion; honey and—”
“Lavender,” he finished. That’s her scent.
She replied, “It’s honey and lavender, yes.”


Ooh! I definitely want to know what happens next.


Let's try another question, okay?

I'm sure readers are curious about your next writing project. Can you tell us what you've got cooking up now or is that a secret?


I'm cracking along with Book 2, currently titled Cypress Groves. This time the stakes get not only darker, but downright murderous! Angela and Tre find each other at a time when romance is the furthest thing from their minds as a mysterious stranger comes to town on the heels of a grizzly find. The citizens of the small town aren't altogether sure how they feel about this stranger, or the new sheriff, who seemingly came out of nowhere. 

Cypress Groves will bring back some familiar characters as well bring readers new, interesting, and unforgettable characters into the mix. The paranormal aspect gets kicked up a notch, but it's all about the journey to love, right!


You're certainly right about that!


And how exciting! We certainly look forward to your next book! 


Thanks so much for stopping by to tell us about Lavender Fields, Raegyn! 

Of course! Thanks for having me here.

It's my pleasure!


Readers, you'll just have to pick up a copy of this wonderful paranormal/reincarnation romance! ;)


Here is the blurb.


Torrential rain spikes. A scream pierces the dark night.

Greye Fields has immersed herself in her literary work, with no desire to chase the inevitable sting of rejection she knows too well. She won’t allow herself the time or the desire to pursue love.

Until she meets him.

Connor Donovan is perfectly content with his bachelor status. Life is good, teaching middle school English, and being the favorite uncle. He wants for nothing.

Until he meets her.

Shattered glass. A wash of blood.

Is it a nightmare or a memory?

Can Connor and Greye overcome the obstacles to the love of all time, or is tragedy doomed to be repeated?

What if love found the right people in the wrong time?


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What people are saying about Lavender Fields:
"Lavender Fields is a multilayered story that captures the reader's attention...I enthusiastically recommend this book and am looking forward to the next installment in the trilogy. Great work, Raegyn Perry!" 
-Linda R. 
"I loved this story! Lavender Fields is a mixture of mystery, romance and intrigue. It is at times, thought provoking and I could feel the emotions that Miss Perry was spilling over the pages of this heart wrenching love story. The correlation of the past and present comes to together to solve a mystery that pulls the reader in and then tips them over with the reveal. I can't wait for the sequel!"
-Vicki-Ann Bush (Author of Room 629, Fulfillment)

This sounds like a great read! 


About the Author:


Raegyn (pronounced Reagan) Perry is thrilled to share her debut novel, Lavender Fields, with readers. This is the first book in the Eternal Journey Series. It asks the question,
‘What if love found the right people, at the wrong time?’
With the inspiration coming from a true family story, and having found the uninhibited time to write, a story of unequaled love and desperate circumstances was born.
When not writing, Raegyn is perfectly content curled up with a good book, TV binge watching, or on a fun travel adventure. Also, anyone who knows her knows she loves to dance (a lot!) wherever and whenever possible! How would she describe Lavender Fields?
It’s a paranormal romance that centers around reincarnation; so it’s basically two romances! The story is funny, sexy, dark, and raw while being twisted, mysterious, and still somehow romantic.
Raegyn believes readers can connect with her lovers, Connor and Greye, on a few levels. It has the elements of the classic love story: boy meets & gets girl, but it also tackles some real and uncomfortable issues, while introducing characters that anyone can relate to, root for, or despise altogether! Then, throw some odd clues with a helping of paranormal in, and you have a unique take on a timeless aspect of romance. The author hopes so anyway!
For a love even time can’t deny
After Raegyn completes the Eternal Journey Series, she hopes to begin work on another series, which readers can actually catch a glimpse of first within the pages of Lavender Fields.
The beautiful Pacific Northwest state of Washington has been home since 2001. She has one grown son whom she adores. Raegyn is currently working on the second book in the series, Cypress Groves, and as a playwright, she’s currently investigating options to get her full length stage play, Daisy Juice, produced in the area.


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