New Sensual Poem...A Passionate Embrace

A Passionate Embrace

My breath catches as your lips whisper over my neck.  

My eyelashes close automatically.

The slip of clothes falling off only heightens anticipation.

You draw me close, put your mouth against mine.

Tongues dance, hands grasp, breaths become labored.

Oh, the bare scrape of your skin on mine.

The wonder we find in each other.

Pull me closer; it’s never close enough.

Your lips drift over my body, full of worship.

Will I ever get used to this much pleasure?

My hands clench into the sheets,

The inferno comes.

Take me,

Your body roaring over mine.

I gaze up into your lovely eyes.

Kiss me, move against me.

My eyes go blind…I see nothing but you and these feelings.

Make me yours.  

Once, twice, over again until our breaths level off,

Until we kiss slow and hands claim gently.

This is bliss.

I love you.


  1. Small wonder you write such beautiful romance novels, Marie! Love the sensuality in your poem.


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